ROOT CANALS in Thousand Oaks

When Are Root Canals Necessary?

A root canal can be an essential dental operation for you if you want to maintain a beautiful smile. The only way to know if you need a root canal is by scheduling a visit to your dentist. However, several tell-tale signs indicate that you may need a root canal. These symptoms include persistent pain, tooth sensitivity, discoloration, swollen gums, and chipped or cracked teeth.

A root canal helps preserve the tooth and keep its structure intact. If the inside of your tooth has a damaged or infected dental pulp, you may need to remove the structure to prevent further damage. This helps you maintain your natural tooth as healthy as possible.

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A root canal can help protect the teeth surrounding the affected teeth!

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What to Expect During the Root Canal Process

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Your root canal procedure will begin with a confidential consultation with our Thousand Oaks dentist, Dr. Woodwall. He will help determine whether a root canal is appropriate for you.

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Treatment Plan

Once you agree to proceed with a root canal, your dentist will develop a treatment plan that specifies which tooth should be addressed and how to go about it.

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Preparation of Teeth

To prepare you for the root canal procedure, the dentist cleans and numbs your mouth ahead of the root canal procedure. They will access your pulp chamber and root canals and clean them out to treat infection and eliminate bacteria.

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Shaping and Filing of the Canals

The restorative dentist will use special tools to shape the canals to ensure they are ready to receive the dental filling. The dentist will then fill the canals and seal them to keep bacteria away.

Benefits of a Root Canal

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prevention of tooth loss

A root canal helps prevent tooth loss and the infection of surrounding teeth. It can also boost the aesthetics of your teeth and improve your oral or overall health. Unlike other dental procedures, a root canal is virtually painless.

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A root canal can save you from extracting your tooth!

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Have Questions About Root Canals? Find Answers Here

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How long will the procedure take?

Your dentist can typically complete the procedure during your first visit, which may not take more than two hours.

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Is a root canal painful?

Most people think that root canal procedures are painful, but the fact is that they are not.

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Will my insurance cover the root canal procedure?

Your dental insurance can cover your root canal treatment since it is not a cosmetic procedure.

What should I expect after the procedure?

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Once the numbing wears off, dental patients no longer feel the persistent pain they felt before the procedure.

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There are thousands of root canals performed daily

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