Cosmetic Makeovers in Thousand Oaks

What Is A Cosmetic Makeover?

A cosmetic dental makeover is a customized treatment plan for patients who want to transform their smile. While individual cosmetic treatments can make a huge improvement to anyone’s smile by improving discoloration, repairing chips and cracks, or straightening the teeth, when a patient has multiple concerns that can’t be addressed with a single procedure, a cosmetic makeover is the best way to go about transforming your smile.

Our Thousand Oaks dentist can discuss all of your aesthetic concerns and goals and develop a treatment plan that fits into your budget and timeline to achieve that. This can involve a few or many different procedures, so the length and cost of treatment can vary greatly. Contact our dental office today to start the journey to your best smile! 

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Dental implants can take over 6 months to fully heal.

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What to Expect From the Cosmetic Makeover Process

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Oral Exam

Your cosmetic dentist in Thousand Oaks will need to take x-rays to rule out oral health problems and perform an oral exam to look at the cosmetic imperfections of your teeth and determine the severity of these issues.

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Honest Discussion

You will be asked about what aspects of your smile you are unhappy with and what your ultimate goals are for cosmetic treatment. Do you want to improve discoloration and replace missing teeth or do you want to repair chips and correct your misaligned bite?

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Treatment Plan

Each patient will receive a unique treatment plan that is tailored to their individual needs. After discussing your budget and what treatments you would like to pursue at our Thousand Oaks practice, we will come up with a plan that is the least minimally invasive and produces the greatest results.

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Follow-Up Appointments

Depending on how many procedures you are getting and what types of procedures they are, you could be looking at a very short treatment time or one that lasts for months. We will discuss how long this is expected to take, schedule your follow-up appointments, and explain the aftercare process to you.

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What Are Common Treatments FOr A Makeover?

Common cosmetic treatments in a smile makeover include teeth whitening, veneers, tooth contouring, dental bonding, tooth-colored fillings, tooth-colored crowns, and tooth restorations like dental implants. If you are looking to replace missing teeth, we offer several solutions, including dental implants, dental bridges, or partial dentures. 

Dental bonding and veneers have a lot of overlap in their ability to cover up imperfections like chips and cracks, discoloration, or awkwardly shaped or sized teeth. However, veneers from our Thousand Oaks office are longer lasting and more durable. Tooth contouring is most commonly paired with dental bonding to fully transform the size and shape of the teeth. 

If you have minor tooth damage or cavities, tooth-colored fillings can repair these without causing an unsightly silver appearance in the mouth. Likewise, tooth-colored crowns can be used to protect a single tooth that has been damaged or cover imperfections that are present in a single tooth.

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Am I A Good Candidate For A Cosmetic Makeover?

To be a good candidate for a cosmetic makeover, you should be in good oral health, not have severely damaged teeth, and have realistic expectations of what a cosmetic makeover can do for you. 

Those who wish to undergo procedures like dental implants will need to be in good overall health and also have sufficient bone support. Otherwise, you will require additional procedures like bone grafts. If you have active oral health problems or severe damage, you will need to undergo restorative treatments before we can move forward with a cosmetic makeover. 

You should also understand that a cosmetic makeover can vary drastically in how long the results will take and how much it will cost.

Did you know…

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Cosmetic dental procedures are not usually covered by insurance.

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